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RF-Design launches 40GHz dual RF Power Meter

RF-Design from Lorsch/Germany is extending their dual RF power meter range with the new PwrM40G. The unit covers a frequency range from 50MHz to 40GHz with a dynamic range of 38dB and with its high quality and superior RF power accuracy it assures precise and reliable measurements.

PwrMxG Power Meter PwrM40G

It is available as a handheld unit or can be fit into a 1RU/19" rack mount chassis with capacity for up to four dual power meters allowing to monitor up to 8 RF signals. With its wide frequency range, the new PwrM40G is also perfectly suited for Ku-band and Ka-band monitoring.

The PwrM40G assures fast, accurate, and reliable measurements and comes with beneficial functionalities such as calibration feature, level offset for cables and directional couplers compensation, threshold monitoring and alarming, additionally chart displays for each channel with different RF power values and history recording. The PwrM40G can be configured and monitored locally as well as remotely (WebGUI, SNMP) and is a perfect fit for applications in satellite ground stations, teleports, VSAT hubs and terminals, LEO and MEO gateways, DSNG´s, etc., etc.


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