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RFoF equipment achieves a trifecta in space; Vialite supporting multiple applications simultaneously

ViaLite’s RF over fiber (RFoF) systems have always achieved the industry’s highest marks for performance and reliability excellence, but this time the company’s latest deployment is out of this world, having supported a customer’s crewed mission into space!

ViaLite 3U Rack Chassis

Throughout the successful flight operation into space, the equipment worked perfect as designed and was used to cover three different technology verticals simultaneously. - GPS for timing and synchronization, UHF/VHF for telemetry, tracking and control, and L-band for satellite communications. ViaLite has been supporting the privately funded aerospace manufacturer for a number of years in each of these categories.

The use of ViaLite’s unique Hyperwide Dynamic Range RF over fiber links in these type of Space and Mil-Aero applications offers the competitive advantage of very low signal power losses across long distances. It also provides a very high SFDR to handle large signal traffic bandwidths (over 1.5 GHz wide), including multiple telemetry signals at high and low RF power levels being simultaneously present. ViaLite RFoF also benefits from a very small conversion delay with very low signal dispersion, which is important where fast moving objects can affect the radio signal though Doppler frequency shift, multipath propagation and shadowing.

“Year after year, our customer continues to be delighted with ViaLite’s ability to consistently provide electro-optical devices with state-of-the-art performance, superior quality and high reliability, along with second-to-none pre-design and post-service support,” said ViaLite Director of Sales, Craig Somach.


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