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Rheinmetall and Navistar Defence Canada join to win Canada’s Logistics Vehicle Modernization project

Rheinmetall Canada and Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) are proud to welcome Navistar Defence Canada to their partnership, dubbed Team 45⁰ North (45⁰N), in pursuit of Canada’s Logistics Vehicle Modernization (LVM) project – an initiative that will revitalize the Canadian Army’s light and heavy logistics vehicle capabilities. Drawing on more than 200 years of combined expertise in developing technical solutions in the realm of defence and vehicle programmes in Canada, Team 45⁰N brings together two premier military vehicle manufacturers and a world-class integrator to offer the Canadian Army battle-tested trucks that are purpose-built for military use.

The HX family of tactical trucks is RMMV´s combat-proven flagship

Team 45⁰N: Joining forces to support our forces

With its members’ extensive experience in various logistics vehicle solutions and in the execution of complex defence projects, Team 45⁰N offers a low-risk, high-quality solution for Canada’s LVM project.

For decades, Rheinmetall Canada has been a trusted partner of the Canadian Armed Forces in several programmes. The company is an internationally acknowledged system integrator in the defence and security industry and a dependable provider of in-service support to large Canadian vehicle projects. Rheinmetall Canada is also known for its collaborative approach in working with its customers throughout the full lifecycle of their programmes.

Bringing unique skills and deep knowledge to the team, RMMV has successfully developed, built, and serviced military vehicles around the globe for more than a century. To satisfy all of its customers’ needs and to support them in fulfilling their most demanding missions, the company offers a complete range of services, including project management, systems engineering and integration, through-life support, repair and maintenance, as well as spares management.

Navistar Defence Canada rounds out Team 45⁰N, offering significant experience in working with the

Canadian government. Navistar Defence Canada delivered 1,300 militarized commercial-off-the-shelf

(MilCOTS) vehicles to the Canadian Department of National Defence for the Medium Support Vehicle

System (MSVS) project to support domestic and expeditionary missions. It continues to provide

logistic support through its vast parts and service network across Canada. The company also supplied

the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) with armoured personnel carriers to provide increased

protection and rescue capabilities for RCMP officers and members of the public in high-risk


Reliable capabilities, proven solutions

In collaboration with its partners, Team 45⁰N will offer a comprehensive LVM solution that fulfills the

Canadian Army’s logistics mission profile, specifically designed to meet military requirements –

durability, protection, payload capacity, mobility, and all-terrain capability.

Navistar Defence Canada delivers unrivalled do-mestic and expeditionary logistic vehicle solutions

RMMV’s HX series of tactical trucks already has a successful track record globally and has a well established group of user nations, including Canada’s close allies (Australia, New Zealand, and the

United Kingdom) as well as other NATO nations (Germany, Norway, Denmark) and western countries

(Austria, Sweden). These reliable military vehicles excel in all climates, are off road capable, and—

most importantly—offer an unparalleled level of protection to soldiers. The combat-proven ready-touse

design can also be upgraded and modified according to specific customer needs. A true military

off-the-shelf solution, the HX family of vehicles combines professional logistics with force mobility

support and tactical special role applications, making it a reliable enabler for joint operations in

complex environments.

Navistar Defence Canada provides unrivalled domestic and expeditionary logistic vehicle solutions. Its

vehicles are among the most versatile in the world. The flexible platforms are easily tailored to meet

specific mission requirements and configured in several variants such as water tankers; petroleum,

oil and lubricant trucks; general troop transporters; wreckers; dump trucks; heavy equipment

transport trucks; and more. They have been used in recent natural disaster relief missions in Canada

and have been a key logistics force-multiplier on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dedicated to supporting the Canadian Armed Forces while leveraging the Canadian industry

Team 45⁰N is committed to supporting the Canadian Armed Forces before, during, and after

deliveries while creating pan-Canadian economic growth. The partnership draws on a coast-to-coast

network of suppliers and will help bolster an in-country workforce and supply chain. Rheinmetall

Canada and its partners’ excellent track record in fulfilling their Industrial and Technological Benefits

(ITB) commitments are a testament to Team 45⁰N’s dedication to Canadian industry.

Thanks to the alliance’s exceptional product offering, extensive experience in working with the

Canadian Armed Forces, and its commitment to Canadian economic growth, Team 45⁰N is the

solution of choice for Canada’s LVM project, as well as all other future logistic vehicle initiatives.

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