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Rocket Lab introduces dedicated National Security Subsidiary

Rocket Lab USA, Inc., a leading launch and space systems company, today announced it has created a US-based wholly-owned subsidiary to serve the defense and intelligence community. Rocket Lab National Security LLC (RLNS) will deliver reliable launch services and space systems capabilities to the US government and its allies.

Since the Company’s first launch of the Electron rocket in 2017, Rocket Lab has conducted multiple successful launches for national security customers, including missions for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), US Space Force, and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Rocket Lab Space Systems technology has also featured in hundreds of commercial and government satellites serving the national security market, from separation systems and flight software to space solar power and high-performance star trackers. Under the new RLNS subsidiary, Rocket Lab will build on this proven track record to deliver new and existing space capabilities for national security applications.

“Across our launch and space systems offerings, we have the privilege of working with the full spectrum of space users from primes, commercial constellation operators and small start-ups, to US and Allied government customers,” said Brian Rogers, Senior Director – Global Government Launch Services. “Through Electron, Neutron and Space Systems, we’ve got first-hand experience of each market’s unique needs. Top of the list for national security is reliability and responsiveness, something we’ve delivered on across multiple missions already. With Rocket Lab National Security we’re building on this strong heritage to deliver tailored capabilities that evolve as the nation’s needs do.”


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