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Rogue Space Systems Corporation appoints Chris Hearsey as Chief Strategy Officer

Rogue Space Systems Corporation appoints Chris Hearsey as Chief Strategy Officer

Rogue Space Systems Corporation is excited to announce the appointment of Chris Hearsey as the new Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Mr. Hearsey, with his vast experience and profound insights into space law and policy, technology, and business, will fortify the company's strategic initiatives and propel it towards uncharted territories in space exploration and utilization.

About Chris Hearsey:

Chris Hearsey has spent over ten years working in executive roles in the aerospace sector, including Director of Bigelow Aerospace, CEO of Exolaunch USA, and Founder and CEO of OSA Consulting., his multifaceted expertise encompasses areas such as commercial space management, regulatory compliance, space exploration technologies, and international space collaborations. Having contributed to advancements in space law, policy, and technology, he is known for his visionary approach and commitment to pushing the boundaries of space capabilities, developing sustainable space technologies, and fostering an economic ecosystem conducive to innovation and growth.

Role and Contribution at Rogue Space Systems:

In his new role as Chief Strategy Officer, Chris will leverage his comprehensive knowledge to drive strategic decision-making and enhance Rogue Space Systems’ footprint in the competitive space industry. He will play a pivotal role in sculpting the company’s roadmap, identifying growth opportunities, and fostering partnerships to achieve Rogue's mission of creating sustainable, advanced, and reliable in-space servicing solutions.

Chris Hearsey will work closely with the leadership team to cultivate a culture of innovation and excellence, optimizing the company’s portfolio and steering the development of next-gen technologies and services that address the emerging needs and challenges of the space domain.

Statement from Jeromy Grimmett, CEO of Rogue Space Systems:

“We are thrilled to welcome Chris Hearsey to the Rogue family. His vast experience and visionary leadership are the catalysts we need to advance our mission. To solve the multidimensional problems we face in this new era of the Space Industry, we need leaders that can think and work in those many dimensions simultaneously, and this is one of Chris’s greatest strengths. His arrival marks a significant milestone for Rogue Space Systems as we strive to elevate our contributions to the development of the space economy. We look forward to achieving new heights under his guidance."

Statement from Chris Hearsey, CSO of Rogue Space Systems:

“I am excited to join Rogue and move their innovative technology forward through strategic approaches to LEO and cislunar space development. Rogue’s Orbots and services will create new markets in space and provide platforms and opportunities to a wide range of customers. Moreover, Rogue is uniquely positioned in the industry and with its collaborative company culture to lead the in-space servicing market. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as Chief Strategy Officer for Rogue Space Systems and thank Rogue’s Board of Directors and Leadership. I am excited to join an amazing team of hard-working space professionals.”

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