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Rogue Space Systems secures first on-orbit service contract

Rogue Space Systems Corporation is proud to announce its first on-orbit service contract. The details of the contract and the identity of the commercial constellation owner/operator involved remain confidential.

Under this contract, Rogue will undertake the task of locating a satellite after its deployment from SpaceX’s Transporter 9. The mission will involve establishing communication and undertaking operations for the customer's satellite. Rogue's Mission Operations team will coordinate with the customer’s ground station partner and their satellite bus provider to support this effort. Additionally, they may leverage imaging capabilities from the currently flying Barry-1 mission, also deployed on Transporter 9.

Jeromy Grimmett, CEO of Rogue Space Systems, expressed confidence in the company's expertise and agility in fulfilling prime operational missions in commercial Rendezvous and Proximity Operations (RPO) and SDA. "Our small size is one of our greatest advantages, allowing us to quickly adapt and excel in the new space ecosystem. We’re building partnerships, helping, and supporting our fellow space trailblazers. This is what we are here to do," he stated.

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