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Rohde & Schwarz verifies NTN capabilities of Bullitt’s smartphone, powered by MediaTek 3GPPRel.17

Rohde & Schwarz has partnered with Bullitt and MediaTek to fully test and verify the world’s first satellite-tomobile

messaging 5G smartphone in line with 3GPP Release 17. The groundbreaking test solution from Rohde & Schwarz verifies that SOS messaging and two-way messaging work reliably in no-coverage scenarios via non-terrestrial networks (NTN) in line with 3GPP. At MWC Barcelona, a test setup is showcased at the Rohde & Schwarz booth featuring a rugged 5G smartphone from Bullitt with integrated MediaTek 3GPP NTN Rel.17 chipset as DUT.

The R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester and R&S SMBV100B GNSS simulator emulate a satellite base station for 3GPP NTN testing

Rohde & Schwarz has added 3GPP NTN test capabilities to verify the world’s first 5G satellite-to-mobile messaging smartphone from Bullitt, powered by MediaTek’s 3GPP NTN Rel.17 chipset. Bullitt and MediaTek have collaborated and added direct-to-satellite communications to the next generation of Bullitt-designed rugged 5G smartphones, making Bullitt the first company to integrate the MediaTek 3GPP NTN Rel.17 chipset in their device. Rohde & Schwarz has extended its market-leading NB-IoT solution with 3GPP Release 17 NTN features to provide an ecosystem with R&D, production, and conformance testing functions.

Non-terrestrial networks became a major topic in the wireless industry with publication of 3GPP Release 17. The primary use case is network coverage via satellite for emergencies in remote rural or offshore areas as well as for global tracking and positioning. The market-leading R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester from Rohde & Schwarz now supports Rel-17 NB-NTN and simulates a satellite base station by using an R&S SMBV100B to generate GNSS signals.

At Mobile World Congress 2023, Rohde & Schwarz is showcasing state-of-the-art testing and verification solutions for 3GPP NTN, using the world’s first 5G satellite-to-mobile messaging smartphone from Bullitt, powered by MediaTek's 3GPP NTN Rel.17 chipset. Trade show visitors are invited to find out in hall 5, booth 5A80 of Fira Gran Via in Barcelona how cutting-edge solutions from Rohde & Schwarz can help with testing and verification needs for NTN and other technologies.


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