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RSCC's Express-RV satellites will help increase coverage up to 90 percent of the Earth's surface

In 2025, the coverage area of the RSCC constellation may increase from 79.8 percent of the Earth surface to 90% due to the launch of new satellites into a highly elliptical orbit.

Alexey Volin, General Director of Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC), mentioned it at the SATCOMRUS-2021 conference.

“Today, people want to maintain their usual level of media consumption and access to communications even during the rotational shiftwork or an expedition. Only satellite communications make it possible. Today, the biggest challenge for us is the launch of four Express-RV highly elliptical satellites,” noted Alexey Volin.

The Express-RV spacecraft will help to accomplish a number of important tasks. Especially, it will cover the regions of the Far North, improve communications where challenging terrain complicates the work of GSO systems, and provide communications for trains, river vessels and trucks.

Also, thanks to the Express-RV, high-quality communications and the Internet will be available to the ship crews on the Northern Sea Route, as well as to scientists and employees who often change their location: rotation workers, geologists, military personnel, etc.


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