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SATCOMRUS 2021 participants will discuss the transformation of the satellite services market

Registration is in full swing for the SATCOMRUS, an international conference of operators and users of Russia’s satellite communication network. This year the event will be held on October 7-8 in hybrid format: offline in Kaliningrad with live streaming on the website. The event will be focused on the role of satellite communications in the digital transformation of the economy and society.

The moderators of the plenary discussion, which is devoted, among other things, to the evolution of the satellite communications and broadcasting market, will be Alexey Volin, General Director of Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC), and Ksenia Drozdova, General Director of Intersputnik IOSC. Among the participants of the session are Pacôme Révillon, CEO of Euroconsult analytical agency; Yuri Urlichich, first Deputy General Director for the development of the orbital constellation and prospective projects of Roscosmos; Oleg Ivanov, General Director of FSUE NIIR; Nikolay Testoedov, General Director of ISS Reshetnev Company JSC, and others. The speakers will discuss the transformation of the telecommunications sector, prospects of the 5G network, capabilities of the IoT and unmanned navigation, the future of the AR-market in the telecom context, as well as the tasks of building a new transport infrastructure, and other industry challenges.

During the second session of the conference, participants will focus on the benefits of satellite communications for transport and corporate users, especially in maritime-VSAT services. Also the speakers will dwell on the buildup of the telecommunications infrastructure of the Northern Sea Route, the prospects for the introduction of unmanned navigation in Russia and worldwide, as well as the role and capabilities of the Express-RV system for mobility applications. Evgeny Buydinov, RSCC Deputy General Director for Communication Systems Development will moderate the session. For the first time in the history of the conference, Captain Dmitry Lobusov will communicate with the participants in real time from the nuclear icebreaker. He will describe them, how satellite services change ship crews’ daily life.

No less important is the role of satellite communications in addressing social problems. The third session of the conference will focus on reducing the digital divide between citizens of different regions, townspeople and residents of rural areas, providing equal access to online education and public services during the spread of Covid-19, developing telemedicine capabilities, etc. Alexey Vdovin, Head of RSCC Business Development Service, will moderate the discussion.

The final session of the first day of the SATCOMRUS conference will be devoted to satellite solutions for the mass market. Which niche will fixed-satellite communications occupy in the mass market in the nearest term? How have VSAT service users in the B2C segment changed in five years? Is shared access to the Internet via satellite a panacea or an unavoidable measure for the digitalization of settlements with up to 100 inhabitants? The participants of the discussion will try to answer these and other questions, after which the ceremony of presenting awards to the winners of the SatComRus Award 2021 will take place. The second day of the conference will be devoted to business negotiations. A rich excursion program is also planned.

The event will be held with the support of Roscosmos, the National Association of Television and Radio Broadcasters as well as the Kaliningrad Amber Combine JSC. The general media partner is the RIA Novosti news agency. Isatel LLC is the partner of RSCC in the preparation of the conference and its technical operator.

We will be delighted to see you among the partners and participants of SATCOMRUS 2021!


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