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Satcoms Innovation Group announces plans for Satellite 2023

The Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG) has announced that it will be holding a breakfast session, hosted by Kratos, as well as moderating a panel session at Satellite 2023 in Washington, DC. The Group has also announced that the first half day of its workshop will be free for anyone to attend.

The Satellite 2023 SIG breakfast session will take place on Monday 13th March at 10am and will be a discussion centred around the biggest transformations currently shaping the satellite industry. Refreshments will be provided. This session is open to all but registration is necessary. On the last day of the conference, on Thursday 16th March, at 10.15am, Helen Weedon, SIG Managing Director will be moderating a panel discussion that will explore the tools, technologies, and the will needed to combat RF Interference.

Helen Weedon, Managing Director, SIG, commented: “The satcom industry is going through a period of transformation and there are a number of new challenges on the horizon. The need for innovative thinking and collaborative working is greater now than ever before. Technical and panel discussions like those at Satellite 2023 are essential because they stimulate debate around challenges and explore potential solutions.”

Paul Isaac, Director of Products, Kratos, added: “SIG’s work benefits the satcom industry by promoting innovation and improving operational efficiency. We value the work that SIG does and as such are pleased to be supporting the group by hosting the breakfast session at Satellite 2023, which is a key event in the satcom industry’s calendar.”

The first SIG Workshop of 2023 will also be held during the week of Satellite, taking place Thursday 16th in the afternoon and all day Friday 17th at Intelsat. To register, visit the SIG events page, or for more information, contact


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