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Satellite Vu selected in inaugural Net Zero X cohort for environmental thermal imaging efforts

Satellite Vu, the British Earth Observation company set to become the world’s thermometer from space with its planned constellation of high-resolution thermal imaging satellites, has been selected in Tech Nation’s inaugural Net Zero X cohort.

The Net Zero X programme focuses on scaling and growth of the later-stage climate technology scaleups within its cohort. The six-month programme, in partnership with PwC, has selected 20 scaleups from across the carbon removal, energy, construction, transport and agriculture sectors.

Satellite Vu is due to launch a constellation of satellites which will collect near real-time thermal data of the natural and built environments across the globe with fast re-visit rates, helping businesses and governments monitor the energy efficiency of their buildings. The first of its planned constellation of eight satellites is due to be launched aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in May 2023.

To celebrate the launch of the Net Zero X programme, Tech Nation welcomed each of the companies to a kick-off event at Fora Victoria in London on Thursday October 6 to meet their fellow cohort, Tech Nation’s Net Zero team, and programme partners, judges, and stakeholders.

Tobias Reinicke, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Satellite Vu commented: “We are delighted to be part of Tech Nation’s Net Zero X programme to lead efforts towards Net Zero by reducing carbon emissions across the globe. We aim to play a major role in climate efforts through our constellation of thermal monitoring satellites which will provide accurate data to assist with targeted energy efficiency projects.“

“This data will allow local authorities to identify the least efficient buildings in their area and take action with grant funding and construction companies to help building owners level up their properties in compliance with Net Zero targets.”

Camilla Taylor, Chief Financial Officer for Satellite Vu, said: “Our efforts towards Net Zero can be led by the targeted deployment of funds on retrofitting projects, fitting insulation, heat pumps, and other energy efficiency measures to homes and buildings to reduce carbon emissions output as well as lowering energy bills and creating jobs to boost the economy.”


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