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Satellogic announces successful expansion of Aleph-1 constellation after SpaceX Transporter-6 launch

Satellogic Inc., a leader in sub-meter resolution Earth Observation (EO) data collection, today announced the successful deployment of four satellites, launched with SpaceX at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. Each of the spacecraft have made contact with Satellogic’s ground station network and confirmed good health across all subsystems.

The SpaceX Transporter-6 mission was completed Tuesday with a two-stage rocket delivering these four satellites to a sun-synchronous low-Earth orbit. This deployment includes the “Albania-1” and “Albania-2” satellites, that will support the Republic of Albania pursuant to a recent 3-year constellation-as-a-service agreement entered into with Satellogic. The dedicated satellites will enable Albania to task and monitor its sovereign territory for a range of applications including agriculture management, border security, and environmental monitoring.

“Beginning with our first mission in 2013, each launch has enabled us to expand and improve products and services for customers that are seeking efficient and affordable solutions to critical challenges,” said Matt Tirman, CCO of Satellogic. “This launch advances the technology and resources that are the hallmark of our constellation-as-a-service model to democratize access to low-orbit data for commercial organizations and governments around the world.”

Three of the four launched spacecraft are updated Satellogic NewSat Mark IV-G models, each carrying an edge node hosted payload. The fourth satellite is Satellogic’s next-generation NewSat Mark V-B model, a more cost-effective spacecraft carrying a new iteration of a multispectral and hyperspectral camera that will unlock longer captures with higher resolution. In addition, this NewSat Mark V-B satellite features increased onboard storage and enhanced power, communications, propulsion, and navigation systems that expand the reliability and quality of Satellogic’s constellation.

As Satellogic confirmed in 2022, SpaceX continues to be its preferred launch provider for rideshare missions for 2023 and beyond. The multiple launch agreement signed with SpaceX in Q2 2022 reserves launch capacity for Satellogic’s next 68 satellites. The cadence, cost and reliability provided by SpaceX aligns with the Company’s constellation roadmap and enables shorter periods between satellite development and deployment. Satellogic expects to launch up to 21 satellites to its constellation in 2023.

Satellogic is working towards building the unparalleled capability to capture the entire surface of the Earth in high-resolution on a daily basis and provide up to 40 revisits of points of interest per day for better decision-making at every level around the world.


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