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Satellogic expands reach: New sales channel through Global Data Marketplace

Satellogic expands reach: New sales channel through Global Data Marketplace

Satellogic has been onboarded as a commercial vendor in the Global Data Marketplace (“GDMP”), a real-time e-commerce platform delivering commercially sourced data and data fusion analytics to meet the not classified space awareness needs for the US and international agencies, including US Space Force.


The Global Data Marketplace connects vendors and consumers of commercial space data on a single platform. This modern approach allows immediate interaction, immediate payment, and anonymous data acquisition for approved commercial, government, academic, and allied sector participants. Satellogic is now able to leverage a streamlined, online process to work with federal agencies and contractors.


Through the e-commerce GDMP, Satellogic will be able to 1) market and sell our product to consumers, 2) create order proposals to bid on consumer placed orders, and 3) service accepted orders.


The US Government continues to advance the commercial space sector, and earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Defense released an updated classification policy – advancing the National Defense Strategy by expanding access to information within the U.S. government and reducing barriers to space integration with allies, partners, and commercial space actors.


The Global Data Marketplace is another example of the US Government’s efforts to disrupt traditional procurement methodologies and lowering barriers for commercial providers, including those with international heritage. The acceptance from the GDMP is a major step towards Satellogic’s goal of becoming a mission critical partner for US and international agencies and presents a welcome opportunity to showcase the company’s capabilities.


“We are excited that the US Government is taking an innovative and disruptive approach to procurement and leveraging a broader set of commercial capabilities,” said Matt Tirman, President, Satellogic. “Satellogic’s portfolio of cost-effective, low-latency, and high-resolution electro-optical imaging is a great benefit to this platform since it gives government users the ability to easily and affordably purchase directly from Satellogic.”


Satellogic operates the largest commercial fleet of submeter-resolution EO satellites in the world and provides EO data to governments and corporations for better decision-making. Its mission is to advance cost-efficiencies as well as rapidly iterate its proprietary technology to expand affordable access to critical information about the planet and life on Earth.


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