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Satellogic signs Letter of Intent with O.N.E. Amazon to support building the Internet of Forests

Aerial view of Amazon rainforest in Brazil, South America. Photo courtesy Shutterstock
Aerial view of Amazon rainforest in Brazil, South America. Photo courtesy Shutterstock

Satellogic has signed a letter of intent with O.N.E. Amazon, a company focused on creating sustainable impact for the environment and investors by using next-generation technology to bring innovation to conservation. The announcement coincides with Earth Day, amplifying the importance of advancing geospatial sciences for planetary health and preservation.


Satellogic will look to support O.N.E. Amazon’s creation of the Internet of Forests (“IoF”), a large-scale sensor network that, along with machine intelligence infrastructure, will be used to monitor key variables within the Amazon rainforest. 


“Satellogic’s mission is to monitor the planet to help solve the Earth’s most pressing issues. We understand the importance of initiatives like the O.N.E. Amazon project, and we are happy to support the IoF,” said Matt Tirman, President, Satellogic. “Our global, sub-meter resolution satellite constellation allows us to revisit any point on Earth daily and can obtain imagery quickly, allowing maximum responsiveness to any environmental change event.”


“Tokenization of the Amazon rainforest requires a granular assessment of environmental and social conditions within a given area of land. We believe Satellogic’s state-of-the-art earth-mapping technology will play a key role in the success of IoF,” said Rodrigo Veloso, CEO, O.N.E. Amazon. “The Internet of Forests is intended to ensure reliable measurements of key environmental and social metrics; serve as world - class data collection and storage infrastructure for scientific analysis of forest environments; and enable local communities to better understand how their behavior and the behavior of institutions impact the natural environment within the rainforest.”


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