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Satellogic signs with Mexico’s Space Agency for dedicated satellite Earth observation program

Satellogic Inc., a leader in sub-meter resolution Earth Observation (EO) data collection, today announced that it has signed a letter of intent (the LOI) with Agencia Espacial Mexicana (AEM) to develop a fully-featured and operational Constellation-as-a-Service program to monitor approximately 2 million square kilometers of the nation.

The LOI provides a framework for the development of a Constellation-as-a-Service program, leveraging Satellogic satellites to deliver high-resolution multispectral (70cm GSD) imagery to support Mexico’s innovation and participation in the New Space economy with multipurpose, country-wide monitoring up to three times a year, enhancing Mexico’s EO competence via commercial capabilities. The LOI also includes details for a pilot project with AEM to utilize archive imagery.

“Satellogic’s unique Constellation-as-a-Service model provides a low-risk, cost-effective entry point for nations to leverage Earth Observation satellites for geospatial science advancement, and economic prosperity, as well as emergency response and sustainability planning,” said Thomas VanMatre, VP of Global Business Development at Satellogic. “Governments and agencies throughout the region are focusing more intently on the benefits of satellite data and are excited to work with Satellogic to demonstrate for their nations what can be achieved with our high-capacity, high-resolution constellation.”

Satellogic will host a team of AEM executives and experts at its Pilot Plant in Montevideo, Uruguay, for a facility tour early next year.

“Satellogic’s Constellation-as-a-Service program will introduce a new level of Earth Observation autonomy for the government of Mexico to service many programs across Defense, Agriculture, Maritime Security and Census plus Geography, enriching data resources for the respective agencies managing them,” said Dr. Adán Salazar Garibay, General Coordinator of Scientific Research and Space Technological Development at AEM.

Satellogic works with sovereign nations to define and develop tailored Constellation-as-a-Service programs, enabling governments to monitor at-risk and high-interest borders or remote regions to support timely decision-making, manage policy impact, measure investment and socio-economic progress. Satellogic recently signed a three-year program agreement with the Republic of Albania, which includes training of remote-sensing specialists to bolster Albania’s domestic workforce.

This solution is one of the many ways Satellogic is working to remove barriers and increase access to EO technology and data. Satellogic’s vertical integration business model allows for faster iteration alongside industry-leading cost efficiencies, which enable Satellogic to offer the best data from space at the best price.


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