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SatixFy and SCOTTY Group partner to supply in-flight connectivity terminals

SatixFy and SCOTTY Group partner to supply in-flight connectivity terminals

SatixFy Communications has announced a collaboration and the first order of its in-flight connectivity (IFC) terminals, Onyx, with SCOTTY Group Austria.

The Onyx is an all-inclusive, high-performance satellite communications aero terminal designed

for use on small to mid-sized aircraft, delivering superior in-flight connectivity. Characterized by its

compact form factor, the Onyx features SatixFy's cutting-edge digital beam-forming technology, along with multi-orbit connectivity capabilities.

SCOTTY placed an initial order for SatixFy’s Onyx terminal and associated product support. SCOTTY

will integrate SatixFy's IFC terminals into its communication solutions for aircraft that previously

lacked connectivity due to limitations of terminal sizes, enabling high-end, reliable satellite

communication for its customers.

The first system is expected to be installed on a business aircraft in the second half of 2024.

Nir Barkan, Acting Chief Executive Officer of SatixFy, expressed his enthusiasm about the recent

collaboration with SCOTTY, stating, “This partnership with SCOTTY and the first order of our Aero

terminal is a major milestone for SatixFy. It brings us a step closer to our vision of becoming the

leading enabler of reliable satellite-based communications. By combining SCOTTY’s expertise and

resources with our market leading satellite communications technology, we are very well

positioned to meet the fast-growing market demand for exceptionally reliable, high-speed

communication solutions for the aviation sector.”

Joachim Kalcher, Chief Executive Officer of SCOTTY, added that this partnership is a natural fit

for a company specialized in critical communication solutions, “With our expertise in secure

communication in remote and challenging environments, SCOTTY has found a perfect match in

SatixFy. Together, we can provide a comprehensive solution to our customers in the aero

market—whether for government, business jets, or commercial airlines. We can also offer our

expertise in installing both antennas and indoor equipment for various applications including

cabins, cockpits, UAVs, and any other future needs. We are looking forward to a very long and

successful partnership with SatixFy and its products.”


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