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SatLease Capital announces new partnership with Blue C Mobile to streamline satcom financing

SatLease Capital (SLC) has announced a partnership today with Blue C Mobile, a maritime satellite communications company specializing in providing simple, affordable, and flexible solutions for all industry segments from shipping, passenger, fishing, and O&G. SLC will provide custom-tailored and flexible financing solutions for Blue C Mobile customers.

“This partnership is truly a symbiotic one,” said Mike Seery, Chief Commercial Officer at SatLease Capital. “Both companies are looking to transform the often complicated and expensive process of purchasing maritime satellite telecommunication solutions into a simplified and affordable one.”

The newly forged relationship between SatLease Capital and Blue C Mobile is poised to transform how organizations in the Asia Pacific region procure satellite communications equipment. By removing the hurdle of hardware investment, the partnership is eliminating a barrier to entry for customers and enables them to benefit from market leading connectivity solutions without expending large capital investments upfront.

“We are really thrilled about our partnership with SatLease Capital,” said Wesley Tham, Chief Executive Officer of Blue C Mobile. “It enables us to further accomplish our mission and serve our clients, particularly those that are not interested or able to make large hardware investments in order to access the latest in satcom technology.”

The high upfront capital cost of financing equipment is a major inhibitor of growth for service providers who serve the maritime satellite telecom industry; Blue C Mobile and SatLease Capital hope that their partnership will support service providers in achieving faster business growth whilst enabling them to deliver more cost-effective solutions to their customers than ever before.


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