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SaxaVord Spaceport appoints sustainability officer

SaxaVord UK Spaceport has appointed a Sustainability Officer to support the development of a cutting-edge sustainability strategy. Sorcha Leavey, an Oxford University Earth Science graduate, who is based in Unst, said it was a very exciting time to be joining the SaxaVord team.

Sorcha Leavey SaxaVord Spaceport sustainability officer

“The SaxaVord plans place the mitigation of environmental impacts front and centre, but I am enthusiastic about doing more,” she said. “I think the spaceport in Unst can play a key role in achieving positive, long-lasting improvements to operations here on earth and in space. I am proud to be the sustainability officer and hope to ensure future generations are able to explore new space as well as present ones.”

The full-time, year-long post is supported by Highlands and Islands Enterprise. Yvette Hopkins, SaxaVord Head of Innovation and Partnerships, said: “We are absolutely delighted that Sorcha has joined the team to support this critical aspect of our work. She is already making a positive contribution as we look to develop an industry-leading approach to sustainability.”

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