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ScanWorld (and SPACEBEL) joining ConstellR to optimize sustainable farming worldwide

ScanWorld (Belgium), a SPACEBEL hyperspectral imagery initiative specializing in Earth observation AgriTech applications, has merged with ConstellR (Germany), a pioneer in the use of thermal infrared monitoring services for agricultural benefits.

Following their commercial teaming up since September 2021, both NewSpace companies have decided to officially unite their forces under the ConstellR banner. In combining their complementary remote sensing technologies, the aim is to become a major European game changer in ‘beyond-visual’ data services covering the full spectrum of digital farming needs.

  • Thermal infrared imagery allows to measure water-related features such as the evapotranspiration of plants, impact of drought … thus enabling smart crop monitoring.

  • Hyperspectral data are a key tool for soil organic carbon estimation, early disease identification, water and fertilizer management. All these help to optimize inputs, maximize yield, and promote environmental stewardship.

  • ConstellR has acquired ScanWorld and will expand in Belgium whereas SPACEBEL has become a ConstellR shareholder alongside the start-up’s founders, Amathaon and OHB.

Thierry du Pré-Werson, Managing Director of SPACEBEL explains: “Fusing ScanWorld into ConstellR is THE solution to efficiently reach the ultimate purpose ScanWorld stands for, i.e. tackle worldwide problems in the field of sustainable agriculture, forestry, and environment monitoring. In the meantime, thanks to this synergy, ScanWorld in particular will be able to accelerate its growth, develop its small satellite constellation and tap into emerging markets. As a new shareholder of ConstellR, SPACEBEL is pleased to contribute to this innovative dimension as it allows us to reinforce our deployment in Europe while offering us indirectly the opportunity to help to build a sustainable future for our planet Earth and its inhabitants.”


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