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SCOUT & Privateer to Collaborate on Revolutionary Space Sustainability Framework

SCOUT Space Inc., a spaceflight hardware, software, and data provider developing solutions for improved safety and transparency in space, and Privateer Space, the data and intelligence platform empowering the future of space sustainability, today announced they’ve joined forces to enhance space operations safety.

The collaboration is focused on integrating SCOUT’s systems architecture and data collection capabilities with Privateer’s data solutions, including Wayfinder, an open access, near real-time visualization of satellites and debris in space. The two companies plan to explore building out joint offerings that further enhance their respective datasets on space objects and events.

"SCOUT is quickly becoming recognized as a leader in providing in-space observation data. Over the last year, we’ve initiated partnerships with Slingshot, Okapi:Orbits (DE), and Kayhan Space as a data source,” noted Eric Ingram, Co-founder and CEO of SCOUT. “This collaboration with Privateer is aligned with our vision and involves the development of several in-space data collection activities to evaluate the potential for technical interoperability to enhance space sustainability and safety capabilities for both our companies.”

“Our everyday lives depend on space-based services all orbiting safely. At Privateer, we strive to make space predictable, safe, and accessible to pave the way for rapid growth of exploration and commerce through our proprietary data infrastructure,” said Dr. Travis Blake, Chief Commercial Officer of Privateer. “We are excited to collaborate with SCOUT to advance our product capabilities to better track debris and enable sustainable growth for the new space economy.”

Both SCOUT and Privateer are recognized for their pursuit of a more sustainable and transparent space operations environment. The combination of the two companies' capabilities will enable more timely decision intelligence in the space domain via more diverse data offerings. This partnership expands Privateer’s growing network of space sustainability collaborators. The data and intelligence platform recently partnered with OMEGA to advance space exploration, and the Space Sustainability Rating to encourage sustainable space missions.

This announcement is being made shortly after SCOUT’s announcement last week on winning two STTR awards from the US Space Force SpaceWERX Orbital Prime Program.


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