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SEA completes successful trials of KraitArray small vessel, low profile defence system

SEA, the UK’s defence and security electronic system specialist, has completed successful trials of its anti-submarine warfare (ASW) thin line towed array, KraitArray, in the English Channel - proving its exceptional sensing performance in small vessels.

Deploying KraitArray from a small vessel to demonstrate its agility and flexibility, the trials were undertaken in early September by three SEA engineering experts and a recently qualified technician from SEA’s apprenticeship programme. Data gathered from these SEA-funded trials have helped to determine the performance of key aspects of the ASW solution, and will support the next spiral of product development for KraitArray and Krait Defence System.

The trials were SEA’s latest opportunity to test KraitArray after making improvements to its acoustic performance and sensing range. The KraitArray’s low profile and reduced power requirement allowed the team to retro-fit and install the solution onto a small vessel quickly, and the results have proven its exceptional sensing performance. SEA will continue to test KraitArray’s performance in a variety of vessel types.

The KraitArray will be soon be deployed from an unmanned underwater vehicle in Ministry of Defence (MoD)-funded trials, and overseas trials will also be conducted from an unmanned surface platform during November. The KraitArray is already in service with a number of customers, and is providing valuable undersea situational awareness on a range of small and autonomous vessels.

Alex Key, Head of Undersea Battlespace, SEA, said: “It is encouraging that these trials have proven the KraitArray’s sensing performance when deployed from small vessels. The operational need of today’s navies mean that they require ASW solutions that offer an enhanced sensing capability which can be deployed from smaller and more agile vessels – providing a larger and more flexible detection range. SEA is well-place to deliver solutions that directly answer the needs of navies around the world and at a lower cost. We will continue to test all aspects of our system so that we can continue to evolve this agile ASW solution.”

KraitArray is part of the Krait Defence System, SEA’s complete ASW solution for smaller vessels which also includes KraitSearch, an acoustic search solution, KraitShield, an acoustic decoy system and KraitStrike, the lightweight torpedo launcher.


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