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Seraphim Space launches new ten-part podcast series: Generation Space, featuring industry leaders

Seraphim Space, the global leader in SpaceTech investment and manager of the world’s first Space Tech Investment Trust, has today announced the launch of a new podcast focused on the future of the Space sector.

Generation Space is a new podcast that looks at the biggest opportunities and challenges facing the space technology sector and showcases the companies providing innovative solutions that are changing life down here on planet Earth.

The ten-part series, which will see some of the most influential leaders across the Space industry, discusses why the space tech landscape being built above the earth is transforming our capabilities across climate, communications, mobility and cyber security.

The series will see Seraphim’s Head of Communications, Leah Martin, interview some of Seraphim Space Investment Trust’s (SSIT) most interesting portfolio companies. Among these will be PlanetWatchers, discussing its role in enhancing crop monitoring to tackle global food security; Satellite Vu’s ability to create high-resolution thermal imagery to monitor carbon emissions across the globe; and D-Orbit explaining how its world-leading technology is helping to maintain a sustainable atmosphere by monitoring and clearing space debris.

Other episodes include an interview with the former Virgin Partner, Patrick McCall, on his time creating Virgin Galactic and the skills needed to grow successful space companies in today’s fast-moving environment.

The first episode will air on Thursday, January 12, 2022, and will see the CEO of Seraphim Space Mark Boggett and former President of Virgin Galactic, Will Whitehorn, discuss the trillion-dollar market potential of the sector, and how investment into Space Tech can provide solutions for some of our biggest challenges such as climate change and data connectivity.


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