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Seven UK space companies arrive in Japan to strengthen international trade

Seven UK space companies have arrived in Japan on a special government trade mission to strengthen space sector ties. The chosen delegates will be representing Great Britain’s space industry at Nihonbashi Space Trade Week in Tokyo, taking place between December 12th and 16th.

The weeklong tour will see leading industry figures such as Satellite Vu, the London-based Earth Observation company, offering security and sustainability insights using thermal satellite imagery, as well as Oxford Space Systems and Blue Skies Space Ltd, meet with conference delegates from the Japanese and wider APAC markets.

The delegation will hear speeches and presentations on the Japanese space industry, the latest scientific and technological developments, and how they can strengthen international partnerships. They will also meet with several leading figures during a tour of the exhibition campus.

Satellite Vu, who are offering a new category of earth observation data, is hoping to build on a recent high profile customer win in the region, signing Japan Space Imaging Corporation up to their Early Access Option Programme on a multi-million-pound purchase option deal.

Anthony Baker, Co-Founder and CEO of Satellite Vu, said: “Strengthening science and technology ties will benefit the UK and Japan greatly, and the Nihonbashi Space Trade Week is a perfect opportunity to connect with leading innovators in the region. UK space is at an incredibly exciting stage with the upcoming launch from Cornwall and a plethora of New Space companies poised to turbocharge the industry, so it is important we share our success and strengthen ties with other emerging space nations.”

Alex Gow, Sales Director of Satellite Vu, said: “We are looking forward to the opportunity to meet with Japan’s leading space companies and see the latest developments from all the exhibitors. After recently signing Japan Space Imaging Corporation to our Early Access Option Programme, we are excited to continue expanding our partnerships in the region and provide our unique thermal data to help solve our customer’s greatest challenges across a variety of industries including national security, industrial activity and climate insights.”


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