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Seventieth Head of State aircraft worldwide connected by Inmarsat and Satcom Direct

In the fast-moving world of politics and diplomacy, 24/7 connectivity is vital. Inmarsat, the world leader in global, mobile satellite communications, and Satcom Direct, the business aviation and government solutions provider, announced the activation of connectivity for their 70th Head of State aircraft at the Farnborough International Airshow today. The executive airliner, which supports a Central European government, is now connected to the Inmarsat Global Xpress network and will optimise the tailored connectivity configuration to support multiple voice and data requirements for passengers including dignitaries, government representatives and accompanying media contingents.

Inmarsat and Satcom Direct provide best-in-class in-flight connectivity to many heads of state and other dignitaries around the world. Head of State aircraft have extremely high expectations of technology and often need customisable solutions which include multiple voice and data requirements on board – for mission-critical operations, leisure and the accompanying media contingent. Due to the sensitive nature of government communications, there is also an unwavering focus on data security and zero tolerance for error.

“Head of State aircraft have extremely high technology demands, which support mission-critical communications in a dynamic geopolitical environment. Satcom Direct continually develops products and services to support these needs globally, and we are proud to deliver consistent, reliable connectivity to our 70th Head of State aircraft,” said David Falberg, Vice President, Satcom Direct International.

This activation will harness the powerful portfolio of Satcom Direct cybersecurity solutions ensuring data transmission to and from the aircraft is protected through all phases of flight. The Satcom Direct Network Operations Centre (NOC) monitors data behaviour so that the team of certified experts can anticipate, identify, and mitigate any cyber events that might occur in real-time. Satcom Direct provides also provides Head of State customers with extensive technical training through its Entry into Service programme. In addition to providing guidance about how to optimise the system the EIS service stress tests the in-flight connectivity to ensure that the customer’s expectations and the final in-flight connectivity solution are matched.

With a strong legacy in mobility and an offering that includes voice data, VoIP, fax and safety services, Inmarsat is well-positioned to meet head of state customers’ exacting standards with its SwiftBroadband and G2X Air solutions. Through a long-standing partnership of over 20 years, Inmarsat Global Government and Satcom Direct provide best-in-class in-flight connectivity to Heads of State and dignitaries around the world.

Todd McDonell, President, Global Government, Inmarsat said “Heads of State have very exacting requirements in terms of their connectivity, security, accessibility, and reliability. Given their reliance on the use of in-flight applications at any hour of the day or night, it takes highly specialised skills, plus a shared commitment to quality of delivery to meet these needs. Satcom Direct is currently celebrating its years of delivering powerful connectivity products and services to government and military aviation. When combined with Inmarsat’s more than 40 years of experience and innovation in satellite communications, this 70th Head of State installation and activation showcases just how committed we are to delivering the world’s leaders communication certainty.”


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