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Sidus Space announces publication of new US Patent application for LizzieSat™ platform

Sidus Space announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has published US Patent Application No. 2023/0406548-A1 (the ‘548 patent application). The ‘548 patent application enhances the robust IP portfolio of Sidus by seeking additional patent protection on even more functionality of the LizzieSat™ Modular Satellite Platform System. We believe this patent application further strengthens our intellectual property position and marks a significant advancement for on-orbit technology integration addressing critical industry needs with unparalleled efficiency.

The newly published ‘548 patent application is pending examination and seeks protection to cover the many different capabilities of the LizzieSat platform, which is expected to be launched on SpaceX Transporter 10. Boasting a modular design, LizzieSat offers unparalleled flexibility for seamless integration of both customer technologies and the Company’s proprietary suite of sensors, enabling coincident data collection for enhanced mission capabilities.

With a robust patent portfolio comprised of 11 granted patents and 10 pending applications, Sidus Space continues to assert its leadership in cutting-edge satellite manufacturing with a focus on expanding the earth observation/remote sensing constellation.

"The LizzieSat Satellite Platform is a testament to our commitment to advancing satellite technology and keeping pace with the evolving space ecosystem. This innovation represents a significant leap forward by offering the ability to rapidly integrate multiple new technologies into a single satellite platform," said Carol Craig, CEO of Sidus Space.

The filing and publication of the ‘548 patent application reaffirms the Company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. It plays a crucial role in steering the course of satellite data-as-a-service and charting a path for the future.

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