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Sidus Space announces second agreement with HEO for non-Earth imaging payload

Sidus Space announces second agreement with HEO for non-Earth imaging payload

Sidus Space announced at the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs that it has finalized an additional agreement with HEO, a leading provider of non-Earth imaging (“NEI”) and data, for NEI payload and data services.

Under the agreement, Sidus Space will host HEO’s NEI imager, HOLMES-006, onboard LizzieSat-3, as part of the Bandwagon-2 launch scheduled for November 2024, along with a monthly data services contract. This marks the second agreement between HEO and Sidus Space, as Sidus Space’s LizzieSat-2 will be hosting HEO’s HOLMES-004 on the same launch.

HEO’s Holmes Imager is a telescopic space camera designed and developed to be hosted as a secondary payload on spacecraft. Holmes is the world’s first commercial camera dedicated to NEI, which captures images of resident space objects. The images obtained can provide valuable information about the identification, physical characteristics, movements, and interactions of satellites in orbit. Sidus’s LizzieSats will take HEO’s NEI sensors to mid-inclination low-Earth orbit for the first time, increasing orbit diversity and enabling higher-quality images and data on a range of new and previously covered space objects.

“We are accelerating our work to proliferate NEI sensors in orbit, and we love partnering with companies at the cutting edge of spacecraft deployment,” said Dr Will Crowe, CEO and Co-Founder of HEO. “We’ve loved working with Sidus and are excited about their plans.”

“We are honored to have earned HEO’s trust and confidence in our ability to provide the platform for their NEI and data collection,” said Carol Craig, CEO of Sidus. “Our companies work well together, and we look forward to a strong partnership to further enhance and expand the space ecosystem by offering a variety of valuable imagery and data.”


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