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Sidus Space announces technology hosting payload contract with ASPINA for LizzieSat™ mission

Sidus Space announced it has secured an agreement with ASPINA for technology hosting onboard the Company’s upcoming LizzieSat™ mission, currently scheduled for launch with SpaceX in the second quarter of 2025.

As per the agreement's terms, Sidus will host a payload mission in collaboration with ASPINA to demonstrate their reaction wheel in orbit. Reaction wheels are crucial for controlling the attitude of small satellite constellations without the need for rockets or external torque applications, making them a cost-effective solution for micro and small satellites. ASPINA is currently scaling up the production of reaction wheels to meet the growing demands of the small satellite sector.

“We are proud that ASPINA chose Sidus to host their payload as they develop essential technology for the expanding space and satellite industries,” said Carol Craig, CEO and Founder of Sidus.

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