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Sidus Space awarded subcontract by Parsons for US Space Force launch manifest systems integration

Sidus Space was awarded a new subcontract to produce hardware in support of Parsons Corporation’s (NYSE: PSN) Launch Manifest Systems Integration (LMSI) contract. Under the terms of the agreement, Sidus Space will fabricate a master harness assembly and test cables for Parsons.

"Parsons is an industry leader, and we are pleased to further our work on this important US Space Force mission in collaboration with such a notable partner," said Carol Craig, Sidus Space founder and CEO. “This latest contract award again underscores our strong position in the space community where we are playing an increasingly vital role as a manufacturing partner with one of the US Space Force’s leading prime contractors.”

Sidus offers over a decade of expertise in manufacturing mission critical hardware for customers including international and US governments, NASA, and major space and defense prime contractors like Parsons Corporation. With a proven history of success, space qualification know-how, and a rich legacy of hardware manufacturing, Sidus plays a pivotal role in missions that extend beyond low Earth orbit (LEO), encompassing destinations such as the moon, Mars, and beyond.

Parsons is the US Space Force’s prime contractor leading LMSI, a multi-year contract to integrate and operate rideshare payloads in the national security and other US Government (USG) missions. Parsons is delivering multi-manifest small satellite payload integration solutions to space for USG-owned and sponsored small satellite systems, and has integrated payloads for several missions, including the US Space Force’s Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF)-5 communications satellite and the joint NASA/US Geological Survey’s Landsat 9 Earth observation satellite.

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