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Sidus Space integrates Edge AI into LizzieSat™ in preparation for initial launch with SpaceX

Sidus Space integrates Edge AI into LizzieSat™ in preparation for initial launch with SpaceX

Sidus Space is excited to provide an update on its Edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and hardware for space applications expansion. The integration of AI/ML into Sidus’ existing offerings enhances and strengthens Sidus’ mission to advance satellite technology and expand its solutions for customers.

Sidus’ investment in AI/ML includes a host of innovative AI software solutions that transform geospatial data into actionable answers. Sidus has successfully integrated AI hardware and software into its LizzieSat™ satellite design. This new AI software gives Sidus the ability to offer on-orbit tailored solutions to a broader range of customers by providing the resources and expertise to process geospatial data more effectively.

“The addition of AI capabilities was a big step forward for our Company,” said Carol Craig, CEO and Founder of Sidus. “We have created solutions for customers who were formerly unable to access the kind of technology and the information provided by traditional satellites,” continued Craig. “At the same time, we created internal value that will be realized on our own LizzieSats as we plan deployment of satellites over the next two years.”

Offering rich datasets through LizzieSat satellites (i.e. multi-sensor, multi-spectral, and large swath) means that customers are able to receive significant amounts of big data in a user-friendly format. The Sidus AI team is preparing to launch this user-friendly platform which has been developed as an easy access point for our customers to visualize their data and interact with it as a way to help them make decisions. The solution integrates with the ESRI platform which is recognized as a global market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, location intelligence, and mapping. This integration allows Sidus data subscripts to access highly customized analytics that are displayed and overlaid on any ESRI basemap or other Geographic Information System (GIS) toolsets.

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