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Sidus Space partners with Via Satellite to showcase potential value of space data to industry

Sidus Space, located in Cape Canaveral, Florida, a Space-as-a-Service company focused on mission critical hardware manufacturing combined with commercial satellite design, manufacture, launch and data collection, announced its partnership with ViaSatellite to educate industry leaders about the potential value of space-derived data in a webcast series, entitled The Future Space Economy.

Attendees will have an opportunity to learn more during the upcoming webcast, “Building in Space: Infrastructure for a New Frontier,” on Jan. 23, featuring Carol Craig, Founder and CEO of Sidus Space.

Craig commented, “We’ve reached an inflection point where space-based data can be used to power predictive analytics and drive outcomes that benefit nearly every industry on Earth. Our mission is to provide access to critical space-based data so everyone can make informed decisions.”

“We now have the knowledge and technology to get space-based data directly to end-users,” continued Craig. “Understanding how these technologies and data can be used in a meaningful way has been a challenge for many. Our webinar will provide an in-depth look at the opportunities available for businesses to take advantage of this rapidly growing market. We invite industry experts and thought leaders to join us as we explore what it takes to bring Space down to Earth.”

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