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Sidus Space Receives NASA Stennis ASTRA Flight Software and hardware for installation on LizzieSat

Sidus Space announced that it has received its ASTRA (Autonomous Satellite Technology for Resilient Applications) Flight Software Version 1.0 and ASTRA flight hardware from NASA Stennis and installed it on the Company’s LizzieSat™ satellite ahead of its first quarter 2024 SpaceX Transporter 10 launch.

NASA Stennis has completed its Flight Readiness Review in preparation for the 2024 launch and will be one of six payloads aboard LizzieSat. In preparation for the next operational phase of on-orbit testing, ASTRA software has been loaded onto ASTRA Flight Hardware and delivered to Sidus for installation aboard LizzieSat.

When the satellite launches in 2024, the NASA Stennis Autonomous Systems Laboratory team will send targeted satellite operations commands for its ASTRA Flight Software to perform via the Sidus flight computer. The initial version of the software includes vehicle systems management capabilities, as well as the ability to update software versions and add capabilities during the mission, which could last more than two years.

“The integration of the NASA Stennis ASTRA software will provide us with the necessary flight heritage for future deep space missions, and we are excited to begin this process,” stated Carol Craig, Founder and CEO of Sidus. “This is an important step for the two organizations and the industry as a whole as we step further into space and beyond.”

“This is a significant achievement,” said Stennis Center Director Dr. Rick Gilbrech. “This will be the first time NASA Stennis has flown software to space, and we are excited to join Sidus Space for this mission. It is a great opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of the NASA Stennis software, as well as the center’s autonomous systems team.”

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