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Sidus Space’s development of LizzieSat progresses as phase 1 safety review is conducted with NASA

Sidus Space, Inc., a Space-as-a-Service company focused on mission-critical hardware manufacturing; multi-disciplinary engineering services; satellite design, production, launch planning, mission operations; and in-orbit support is proud to announce that it conducted the LizzieSat Phase 1 Safety Review with NASA on June 2, 2022.

The Phase 1 Safety Review is an important milestone in the overall development process as it is designed to identify the hazards related to the satellite being packaged as cargo as part of the ISS Commercial Cargo Resupply Program, as well as the storage, handling, and deployment of the satellite from the ISS Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) Airlock utilizing the Sidus Space operated SSIKLOPS. “The characterization of hazards and the development of hazard reports and mitigation strategies is a key step in the process of flying any payload onboard the International Space Station,” said Jamie Adams, Sidus CTO.

“By conducting this review with the NASA ISS subject matter experts (SMEs), the Sidus Space engineering team can factor engineering controls into the next phase of the LizzieSat design,” Adams said. “The effective mitigation of hazards not only ensures safe operations during launch of the cargo resupply rockets and while onboard the ISS, but the mitigation actions also result in a more robust design that will provide additional benefits to our Space-as-a-Service customers,” Jamie noted. This was the first of 3 phases in the NASA Safety Review process. The collection of SME comments, actions, and detailed hazard analysis data in Phase 1 forms the entrance criteria for Phase 2 where more detailed analysis and maturing design are targeted to address the hazards.


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