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Sidus Space sees $1.9M+ new purchase orders received in 3rd quarter of 2022 for space & defence

Sidus Space, Inc., a Space-as-a-Service satellite company focused on commercial satellite design, manufacture, launch, and data collection is pleased to announce that, in the quarter ended September 30, 2022, it has received a combined total of over $1.9 million in new purchase orders for space and defence hardware and services supporting multiple customers.

“Space and defence hardware manufacturing is an important component of our full-stack offering and has proven to be a steady revenue stream for Sidus as we work to bring additional offerings to market. As a comprehensive space-as-a-service company, our space and defence hardware manufacturing capability is a critical component that supports many of the larger projects and programs within the space ecosystem,” said Carol Craig, Sidus Space Founder and CEO. “Sidus Space has over ten years of experience manufacturing, assembling and testing space hardware with space flight heritage. In response to our sustained manufacturing growth, we are exploring options for expanding our capacity including the possibility of additional shifts.”


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