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Sidus Space signs MOU with mission space for space weather intelligence data partnership

Sidus Space, Inc., a Space-as-a-Service company focused on mission-critical hardware manufacturing combined with commercial satellite design, manufacture, launch, and data collection, recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Mission Space for a partnership for space weather intelligence data collection.

With this partnership, Sidus Space will integrate sets of Mission Space’s Space Weather detectors into its hybrid 3D-printed satellite, LizzieSat™. As Sidus Space looks ahead at value-creation opportunities, the sale of data gathered through its satellites is a key piece of the strategic growth plan. We believe this partnership will allow Sidus to create an incremental revenue stream through the sale of this data in addition to its own internal purposes.

Space weather ranks among the highest priority natural hazards as it refers to changes in conditions on the Sun, in the solar wind, magnetosphere and ionosphere, which can affect operations and reliability of space and ground-based technological systems and threaten the health and life of humans.

Space weather can impact everyday needs including GPS systems, power grids and satellites. According to NOAA, as dependence on technology increases, so does the dependence on space weather monitoring and forecasting.

“We are excited to partner with Mission Space to provide the capability of monitoring and analyzing space weather data,” said Carol Craig, Sidus Space Founder and CEO. “Weather intelligence data creates a potential revenue stream while supporting our mission of ‘Bringing Space Down to Earth’ by making useful data and analytics available to a variety of customers.”

“We look forward to integrating our technology into Sidus Space’s LizzieSat™, so that we can utilize our LEO-based space weather data collecting infrastructure to analyze, quantify and help mitigate the effects of solar storms,” said Ksenia Moskalenko, CEO and Co-founder of Mission Space.


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