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Sidus Space unveils cutting-edge Multi-Material 3D Printing Division

Sidus Space has achieved another milestone by introducing its innovative Multi-Material 3D Printing Division. The Company's expertise expands beyond traditional hardware and satellite manufacturing, now offering innovative engineering and advanced 3D printing services.

The Company utilized MarkForged X7 printers and OnyxFR-A material to manufacture structural support components in its LizzieSat™ satellite, scheduled to launch on Transporter 10 no earlier than March 2024. This innovative material, reinforced with Carbon Fiber (CF) layers during the 3D printing process and featuring fire retardant properties, has enabled the creation of satellite parts that surpass the strength of aluminum while significantly reducing weight. This represents a revolutionary shift in traditional manufacturing methods.

To ensure adaptability to the space environment, Sidus conducted thorough outgassing tests in accordance with ASTM E595 standards. The results demonstrated impressive outcomes that proved compatibility with Space operations.

Building on the success of constructing LizzieSat™ with the Onyx nylon 3D printed materials, Sidus Space is extending its capabilities to the broader market. The Company offers a unique "digital warehouse" database for storing parts, allowing customers to print manufacturer-approved digital parts with ease. The service accommodates single or multiple units for personal use, and customers can opt to have their parts printed and delivered directly or have their clients print from Sidus Space's digital warehouse of 3D models.

The Multi-Material 3D Printing Division specializes in composite materials, including Nylon Onyx, Onyx FR-A, Carbon Fiber (CF), Fiberglass, and Kevlar. Additionally, the company offers 3D printing in PLA and TPU materials.

"Expanding our services to include Multi-Material 3D Printing is a natural progression for Sidus Space. We are excited to offer our advanced capabilities to a wider audience, providing innovative solutions for various industries," said Carol Craig, CEO and Founder of Sidus Space.

“This strategic move not only showcases our commitment to innovation but also establishes another revenue stream for Sidus Space, further solidifying our position as pioneers in the space and advanced manufacturing sectors.”

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