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Simthetiq awarded follow-on contracts by Netherlands MOD

Simthetiq is pleased to announce that it has been awarded follow-on contracts under their multi-year framework agreement with the Netherlands Ministry of Defence.

Simthetiq will be providing high fidelity 3D military vehicle models for deployment in the Netherlands Advanced Stinger Trainer and Air Defence School training systems. The models will include accurate thermal signatures, material encoding and articulated parts and be published from Simthetiq’s common sources to comply with the Netherland’s requirements for OpenFlight based image generators and Virtual Battle Space 4 (VBS4).

The delivered 3D simulation entities will be made available to the Netherlands Armed Forces Air Defence community as well as the broader Netherlands defence simulation and training enterprise.

To find out more about the Simthetiq 3D library and its support for Virtual Battlespace 4 and OpenFlight based image generators, please reach out to

For more information visit:


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