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Smart Avionics arrives to Europe thanks to SAFEST Project

SAFEST Project, one of the European Commission-funded selected projects of the Digital, Industry and Space call, was launched last January 2023.

The consortium of this challenging project will join the experience of a leading space provider like SENER Aerospace & Defence, a launch service company as ISAR Aerospace, space software developers such as fentISS and embedded brains, and relevant research institutions in the space domain like INCAS and KU Leuven.

Throughout the development of the SAFEST project, the six partners will work together to enable the introduction of low-cost modular avionics in new-generation European launchers. This will reinforce the position of European stakeholders to provide independent, reliable and efficient solutions for an emerging space transportation market.

To accomplish this, SAFEST aims to reach the maturation of autonomous localization and

termination concepts by a demonstrator of autonomous flight termination unit processing

elements, as well as the provision of technological assets to develop advanced, low-cost and

modular avionics solutions and the integration of these both technology lines into a single solution.

As a result of SAFEST, the consortium is intended to reinforce the European launcher sector, contributing to this market not only cutting the non-recurrent cost for avionics development, but also reducing the impact on launch service price arising for today expensive flight safety operations.


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