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Smarter Technologies to help MoD deliver logistic excellence with strategic Orion IoT data network

Following successful MOD trials, Smarter Technologies are ready to expand further into the Defence sector. Their unique Orion IoT Data Network is a powerful strategic enabler. It is well-suited to Defence Support’s ambition for logistic excellence, and is operationally proven as a stepping stone to Business Modernisation for Support (BMfS) and other key initiatives. This announcement coincides with the MOD’s DVD 22 event at Millbrook on 21/22 September.

Smarter Technologies are a British provider of fully integrated Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions. They bring market-leading expertise in hardware, software, communications and data to transform their clients’ organisations. They are the only vertically integrated UK provider designing, manufacturing and supporting end-to-end IoT systems to enhance logistic capability, drive logistic efficiency and deliver logistic excellence. Beyond Defence, Smarter Technologies have implemented innovative IoT solutions in commercial and other government sectors for decades, with systems deployed in 32 countries.

The proprietary Orion IoT Data Network presents a simple, fast, scalable, easily configured and affordable route to asset-tracking, smart building implementation and many other IoT applications. Its unique low power ultra-narrow band 433 MHz UHF radio system complements other existing network technologies, such as GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, Sigfox and ZigBee HAN.

However, Orion is a significant advance upon them for complex asset tracking and Building Energy Monitoring applications, as it is immune to Wi-Fi dead-spots, Bluetooth range limitations, LoRaWAN channel congestion and GSM data charges. Its low frequency gives it significantly better range and penetration through buildings, or into underground spaces, than its competitors. It is uniquely frugal, enabling battery-powered sensors to operate for years on a single power pack. Its efficient duty cycle and 2-way radio protocol avoids channel congestion and packet loss, leading to more reliable transmission of near real-time data that is less susceptible to jamming, interception or interference. Finally, being wireless, Orion is substantially quicker, more convenient and less costly to install, configure and reconfigure than hard-wired systems, and remote updates make it the future-proof choice.

Smarter Technologies have completed several successful asset-tracking concept demonstrations, trials and system implementations for the UK Defence sector, at RAF stations, RN bases, Army installations and on operations. The data insight Orion provides has resulted in significant improvements to operational efficiency and risk assurance, the transparency of third-party contract performance and the collaborative focus of customer/supplier relations, consistent with the aims of Support Transformation. Smarter Technologies’ systems are ISO 27001 compliant, CyberSecure and Government-approved for full integration with MODNET. They have been cleared for RADHAZ, HIRTA and WOME for use in close proximity to people, fuel, munitions and other sensitive equipment.

Mark Read, Chief Executive at Smarter Technologies, said, “Smarter Technologies have been leading the way in solving complex, high-value and global asset-tracking challenges with Orion for years, and our solutions are tried and tested. As the MOD faces ever-growing demands for operational effectiveness and efficiency, we are ready to help, with a British manufactured off-the-shelf solution that closely aligns to BMfS.”


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