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Space sector gathers to celebrate industry innovation at IAC 2022

Nearly 10,000 of the space industry’s biggest players gathered at the 73rd International Astronautical Congress 2022 (IAC) event in Paris this week, to celebrate global innovation in the space sector.

The Congress, held from Sunday 18th September to Thursday 22nd, featured addresses, panels and demonstrations from the industry’s biggest players, spread across dedicated agency, industry, diversity, and science & academia days.

In total, 9,300 participants from 110 countries from across the globe came together to celebrate the space industry, with 250 exhibitors on display and 2,184 technical papers published.

Nadeem Gabbani, Founder of Exobotics, the UK satellite firm aiming to break down the barriers to space, commented: “Large events such as IAC are a great opportunity to meet and interact with the global space community and celebrate the ground-breaking developments within the sector.

“It is an incredibly exciting time to be involved in the space industry as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and deliver the benefits of space to the masses. That is why at Exobotics was started with the aim to help organisations, not only in the space community, but also in the FinTech, mining and agricultural sectors, for example, to harness satellite technology by lowering the barriers to entry through end-to-end design, manufacturing and testing in fewer than nine months.”

The IAC’s motto for this year was ‘Space for @ll’ with the goal to connect communities from the space sector alongside start-ups, entrepreneurs, laboratories, scientists, manufacturers and others who are involved with or benefiting from space innovation and activities.

The conference featured 800 interactive presentations, 650 committee meetings, 45 new IAF institute members and a number of speeches and panels celebrating the growth of the space industry.


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