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Space Systems Command formally welcomes new commander

During a formal ceremony on Feb. 1 at Space Systems Command (SSC) headquarters on Los Angeles Air  Force Base in El Segundo, California, US Space Force Lt. Gen. Philip Garrant assumed command from  US Space Force Gen. Michael Guetlein.  

Officiating the ceremony was the Chief of Space Operations US Space Force Gen. Chance Saltzman, who  praised Guetlein’s leadership while serving as the first commander of SSC.  

Saltzman spoke highly of the efforts SSC Guardians played in delivering capabilities to warfighters that  keep our Nation’s competitive advantage in space and shared his continued confidence of what the  command will deliver under Garrant’s leadership. 

“…Phil has served with great distinction throughout his career,” said Saltzman. “With an outstanding  track record of accomplishments, a steadfast focus on the future, and a relentless dedication to our  mission, Phil embodies the qualities and values needed to lead Space Systems Command to the next  stage of its evolution.”  

With this change of command, Garrant became the second commander of SSC and is responsible for  leading a global workforce of more than 15,000 military, civilian, and contractor personnel, as well as  overseeing an annual $15.6 billion space acquisition budget, which ensures premier space capabilities  are delivered timely to counter the threats in today's and tomorrow's contested space domain.  

“For now, as a command we will be focused on General Saltzman’s theory of success, Secretary [Frank]  Kendall’s call to re-optimize for the great power competition, and continuing the organizational design  our leadership envisions,” said Garrant. “To that end, we will continue shaping what SSC is intended to  become with mission capability-based IMDs [Integrated Mission Deltas] and SYDs [System Deltas], while continuing our focus on culture, speed, and growing our most important resource…you.” 

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