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SpacePath introduces game changing 750W Ka-band high power amplifier

SpacePath Communications has developed a 750W travelling wave tube amplifier (TWTA), offering the highest power available in Ka-band.


SpacePath’s new STA-5575P-KA6ZN Ka-band amplifier offers 750W of peak power. It is intended for military and high throughput satellite (HTS) applications and will benefit customers who need more power or extra margin in their links.


Its innovative design also incorporates the company’s unique carbon fin air-cooling heat sink. Offering similar thermal properties to copper, this cooling method allows the amplifier to be both smaller and lighter than comparable amplifiers as the carbon is approximately half the weight of equivalent cooling systems.


With users in mind, the amplifier is designed for cost-effective maintenance and convenience. In addition to the lightweight cooling structure, the TWTA features removable and washable air intake filters, metric and imperial mounting threads and plug-n-play compatibility with competitive system interfaces.


Colin Bolton, director of business development, SpacePath Communications, said: “Our new product roadmap is driven by our customers and understanding their requirements for higher levels of functionality and performance. As such, this third-generation amplifier features a combination of design innovations and superior performance to firmly meet future market demands.”


SpacePath’s high performance uplink amplifiers cover all mission-critical segments including HTS, mobile satellite, fixed-earth stations and military satellite communications.

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