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SpinLaunch strengthens advisory board with aerospace pioneer Dómhnal Slattery as Strategic Advisor

SpinLaunch, a pioneering space company enabling rapid, cost-effective space access, has announced that Dómhnal Slattery, a recognized global aerospace leader and proven founder, has joined the SpinLaunch team as a strategic advisor to the company. Slattery joins the Advisory Board and recently participated in the company’s Series B investment round.

The announcement was made by SpinLaunch Founder & CEO, Jonathan Yaney, who said that Slattery’s three decades of financial and business leadership will help SpinLaunch advance its commitment to commercializing end-to-end space solutions across launch, satellites, and services.

“Dómhnal Slattery's passion and dedication to innovation, strategic growth, and sustainability makes him a natural fit for SpinLaunch,” stated Yaney. “With his proven business leadership, track record as a founder and commitment to purpose-driven initiatives, Dómhnal will accelerate our global commercialization efforts and strengthen our leadership position as the trusted provider of innovative space solutions.”

SpinLaunch, founded by Yaney in 2014, is revolutionizing access to space by building a ground-based, electric-powered mass accelerator launch system that can deliver a substantially less expensive and environmentally sustainable way to place constellations of small satellites into Low Earth Orbit (LEO). In the last year, SpinLaunch has also created a new product line of small satellite buses in the 20kg-200 kg size class that complements our low-cost and high-cadence approach to space, and meets upcoming LEO constellation needs.

“This is one of the most exciting and innovative companies I have seen in my three decades in the global aerospace industry” said Dómhnal Slattery. “Jonathan’s vision and ambition for space is unmatched. SpinLaunch’s end-to-end space solutions are poised to revolutionize the entire space economy, while also driving decarbonization in the sector as we transition to a net zero world. I am proud to join the SpinLaunch Advisory Board and I look forward to playing a role in what is truly innovation at its cutting edge.”

During Slattery's career, he has raised and deployed more than $75 billion of debt and equity capital to finance aircraft for airlines and investors around the world. He founded and scaled two of the world’s three largest aircraft leasing firms. Slattery is committed to working with innovative companies which can revolutionize industries and positively contribute to a net zero economy. His involvement in SpinLaunch signifies a powerful alliance that combines his exceptional background in aviation finance and the capital markets, with the company's groundbreaking technology.

Slattery has a strong commitment to combating climate-driven challenges and fostering sustainability. His investment in SpinLaunch aligns with his dedication to a net-zero world. As CEO and Chairman of Clahane Capital, he has worked with investors, founders, and strategic stakeholders to identify and support companies that bring solutions to environmental issues. Slattery's dedication to innovation, learning, and sustainability makes him a natural fit for SpinLaunch, further enhancing the company’s position as an innovative leader.


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