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SRC receives contract from UK Ministry of Defence for LCMR Support Services

SRC, Inc has been awarded a contract, initially valued at $8.79 million, from the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MOD), Artillery Systems Delivery Team for the provision of In-Service Support services for the AN/TPQ-49 Lightweight Counter-Mortar Radar (LCMR). The contract contains provisions for further support to be acquired up to US$4.39 million.

Under this contract, SRC will provide technical knowledge, specialized testing, and equipment to support and maintain the MOD’s existing radars.

“The AN/TPQ-49 is a battlefield-proven radar that helps protect warfighters,” said Kevin Hair, President and CEO of SRC. “We’re proud to partner with the UK MOD to provide the services and equipment for the sustainment of their radars.”

The AN/TPQ-49 radar is software defined and can operate in multiple modes via software changes that tailor it for air surveillance or counterfire target acquisition missions.


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