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SRCTec delivers 500th SR Hawk (V)2E Radar

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SRCTec delivered the 500th SR Hawk™ (V)2E Surveillance Radar, marking its commitment to delivering innovative, advanced defense solutions and products that help keep America and its allies safe and strong.

The SR Hawk ground surveillance radar provides continuous 360-degree surveillance of the airspace, ground, harbors and ports in a single, lightweight portable system. It detects personnel, land vehicles, marine vessels, avian targets and low-flying aircraft, making it ideal for applications including surveillance, countering unmanned aircraft systems, windfarm gap-filling and artillery spotting. The (V)2E, which is the 7th generation SR Hawk, also includes several additional features such as micro-Doppler classification, SRC’s advanced tracker, and low probability of intercept mode.

“We are proud to be a leader in developing mobile ground surveillance radar systems,” said Tony Stewart, general manager of SRCTec. “This achievement represents the commitment of our employees’ and their tireless efforts to equip our warfighters with these lifesaving systems.”

SRC has more than 65 years of proven experience developing radars and has continued to evolve the SR Hawk radar which began as a man-portable radar through decades of innovation. Hundreds are deployed in the harshest environments worldwide by US DoD, DoS, Homeland Security and international allies, helping secure land and coastal borders, forward deployed forces and critical infrastructure.


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