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Starwin opens new R&D office supporting market growth and further phased array development

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

With the announcement of the launch of mass production of multi-orbit and multi-scenario (COTP, COTM) Ku/Ka hybrid ESA terminals a few days ago, the development of Starwin has entered a new stage.

This new revolutionary Vsat terminal technology can be deployed for use for land mobility and other markets such as maritime and aeronautical. And are very suitable used in mobile applications by corporations, government agencies, the military, law enforcement, public security, utilities, oil and gas platforms, police, fire, medical and other emergency services with a need for affordable mobile high-speed Internet over Satellite connectivity.

R&D is the eternal driving force for Starwin's rapid growth, especially in the face of such a huge market. With the rapid expansion of the R&D team personnel and equipment, Starwin decided to set up a new independent office to support its growing demand. The larger space, more advanced laboratory and clean working environment bring greater support and motivation to everyone's work in R&D dept. We hoped that Stariwn R&D team will make persistent efforts and will utilise more innovations to help Satcom customers and partners around the world get smart and easy set up innovative satellite terminals and help to make satcom simple & easy.


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