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STN announces the first dedicated HD TV platform on Intelsat’s Galaxy-19 satellite

STN are thrilled to announce the first high-definition (HD) TV platform on Intelsat’s Galaxy 19 (G-19) satellite. With this HD TV platform, viewers can now indulge in this high-quality entertainment experience from the comfort of their homes. The G-19 satellite, known for its robust coverage, is the perfect free-to-air platform to deliver multicultural and multilingual content to millions of households in North America.

In addition to this exciting HD platform launch, STN proudly introduces its unique Electronic Program Guide (EPG) with a user-friendly interface system that allows viewers to effortlessly explore channel lists and find their favorite programs easily on their home TV screen, giving an enhanced viewing experience.

“We believe that the introduction of the dedicated HD TV platform on the G-19 satellite with our brand new EPG capabilities marks a significant milestone in STN’s dedication to continually strive to improve services and provide the best for our clients and their audience, delivering an overall enhanced entertainment experience“ Commented Mitja Lovsin CEO, STN.

North America has long been a hub for a diverse group of communities who are seeking content from back home and G-19 has historically been the platform of choice. G-19 is the largest, and only, independent free-to-air direct-to-home TV and radio community in North America, specializing in multicultural, native-language content. Whether it’s news, sports, movies, or religious programming, audiences can find content from over 170 channels originating from 24 Countries in 15+ languages. With STN services & Intelsat’s coverage, this diverse content for audiences is finally available in HD with the added advantage of EPG.

“We are thrilled to again enable our long-term partner STN to deliver content to viewers in North America. G-19 reaches more than 1.2 million viewers, who are always looking for better quality content, and this HD TV platform will guarantee them a quality viewing experience” comment Rhys Morgan, Intelsat’s vice president and general manager, EMEA Media and Networks Sales.


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