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STN extends offering to include MENAFLIX, the rapidly growing Arabic language OTT service

Viewers can now watch MENAFLIX programming from the Middle East anywhere in the world on any device with internet access thanks to global content distribution provider, STN. The announcement was made on the first day of CABSAT, STN - one of the founding partners of MENAFLIX - now offers content owners, the ability to convert their channel to an OTT stream and become part of this new and growing service.

As one of the top twenty global teleports, STN is already a key player in the OTT market, working with its customers to convert their traditional video streams into an OTT streaming or on-demand product to reach viewers wherever and however they choose to watch video programming. Recognizing the growth in this market, and the need for a service dedicated to content from the MENA region, STN worked with carefully selected partners to develop and launch MENAFLIX; a service for Arabic speaking viewers wherever they are located.

With the launch of MENAFLIX, viewers across the world will now be able to watch live and on-demand channels from the entire Middle East region, including news, entertainment, religious, children’s programming and radio, via the free app available for Apple and Android devices. MENAFLIX is also available through Roku and Amazon. By utilizing programmatic advertising for the live free-to-air channels, MENAFLIX TV allows channels to expose their content worldwide and generate a new revenue stream from personalized advertisements.

STN CEO Mitja Lovsin said: “As a founder of MENAFLIX and long-time operator in the MENA region, STN is known for its cutting-edge technology. As OTT viewing grew in popularity, we expanded our portfolio of services, so that we could work with customers who wanted to convert their traditional video streams to streaming and on-demand services. From the very beginning we were careful to select partners for MENAFLIX, that fully understand the MENA marketplace and share our vision of providing the very best in customer service and attention to detail. We are delighted to now be able to offer our customers the opportunity to join MENAFLIX, the rapidly growing, Arabic language OTT service.”

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