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Tarian Technology announces partnership with Ploughshare to bring revolutionary cybersecurity

Tarian Technology announces a ground-breaking licensing agreement with Ploughshare, the commercial face of the UK Government's Defence Science and Technology Labs (Dstl), for the use of game-changing cybersecurity products.

The partnership brings together years of work between Exsel Electronics and Dstl and demonstrates both organisations’ ambitious desire to bring Defence R&D into the wider market.

Tarian Technology announces partnership with Ploughshare to bring revolutionary cybersecurity

Under the new agreement, Tarian Technology gains rights to bring to market data-centric security (DCS) models, developed in collaboration with Dstl. It represents a significant leap in cybersecurity, focusing on ensuring that data and information remain secure at rest, in transit and in use across all domains.

The first to market with this approach is Bastion, a software that intrinsically protects data and is self-subscribing. Bastion works to fortify the protection of data beyond the network protection level. It adds an additional layer of encrypted security written into each document, meaning that if the network is penetrated, sensitive files remain secure. It works as an additional armour to protect valuable information and a business’s intellectual property from theft or cyber espionage.

Marie Thirlwall, Digital & Data Commercialisation at Ploughshare said: “The underpinning DCS architecture to which Bastion has been built, is the result of extensive research and development efforts; carried out in conjunction with Dstl and Tarian’s parent company, Exsel Electronics.

“DCS systems, as the core enabler of multi-domain information management, will revolutionise how organisations protect sensitive data and information in an ever-evolving digital landscape - and we’re excited that Bastion will be the first of many developments we bring to market together for this purpose and beyond.”

Key features of the Bastion DCS system include:

  1. Comprehensive Data Security: Bastion provides comprehensive protection for data and information at every stage of its lifecycle, ensuring it remains secure regardless of its location or usage.

  2. Next-Generation Technology: Leveraging cutting-edge cybersecurity technology, Bastion DCS sets new standards for data protection, guaranteeing peace of mind for organisations handling sensitive information. Secure, often multi-layer, information objects are bespoke built for each business use case, which is unique to this system.

  3. Collaborative Development: The collaboration between Exsel Electronics and Dstl demonstrates a unique synergy between private industry and government research, emphasising the importance of public-private partnerships in advancing cybersecurity.

Tarian Technology is excited to bring the Bastion system, that has been evolving behind the scenes with Dstl, to the wider market. The established licensing agreement with Ploughshare signifies Tarian's dedication to providing state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions to businesses, government agencies, and organisations worldwide.

Commenting on the partnership, Tarian MD, Keith Hughes said: "We are proud to be at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation, and this agreement with Ploughshare allows us to introduce game-changing products to the world. Data Centric Security is the future of information protection, and we are committed to helping organisations secure their most valuable assets.

“With the Bastion launch, we are poised to change the face of encryption software. This isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ package like traditional DCS offerings but a tailor-made solution for enterprise and government.”

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