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TEKEVER launches TEKEVER ATLAS for UAV real-time and historical processing data

TEKEVER is demonstrating during DSEI (London, 14-17, 2021) its new TEKEVER ATLAS, a tool to enhance Unmanned Aerial Systems missions.

It provides advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics onboard for real-time and historical processing of data. Designed for key decision-makers, TEKEVER ATLAS delivers intelligence onboard, as well as ground-based tools, and assures that the right person gets the right information at the right time.

“TEKEVER ATLAS is a tool that extends the capabilities of TEKEVER’s unmanned technology. It allows you to collect all the information and to explore it after it’s been collected. ATLAS is a good name for the systems because it holds all the information that we are gathering about the world. It connects to multiple UAS systems at same time to collect data of the sensors that are on board (optical video, infrared video, radar, multispectral sensors, static aperture radars, for example). That information comes over a private network and gets collect in our AI/ML-powered datacenter, where all the information is stored and tagged,” explains Paulo Ferro, TEKEVER Director of Business Development.

Decision-makers will be able to plan missions more effectively by easily including parameters such as areas of interest, objectives, and targets. This will enable the end-user user to review the specific details of any mission, and to easily retrieve historical data necessary as evidence for prosecution.


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