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Teledyne Paradise announces integration of AXIOM-X into Satcube Ku satellite terminal

Teledyne Paradise Datacom is pleased to announce the successful integration of the AXIOM-X SCPC modem card into the award winning Satcube KU portable satellite terminal.

Satcube provides seamless broadband connectivity over satellite through easy to use, lightweight terminals. The Satcube KU portable satellite terminal is a highly compact, user-friendly device that delivers quick connectivity empowering people at work, businesses and global organizations, to communicate and deliver critical services at any time.

The new addition of the AXIOM-X further strengthens the ability of the Satcube KU to provide reliable and secure communications to an even greater customer base.

The AXIOM-X has been designed from the ground up to deliver high performance IP centric DVB-S2X SCPC capability for the most stringent mission critical mobile applications and is a perfect complement to the lightweight and portable Satcube KU.

Other noteworthy features of the AXIOM modem line include:

  • IP centric, DVB-S2X Modem, for the most powerful and robust performance within the space segment

  • Bandwidth savings: DVB-S2X, ACM, TCP acceleration with header and payload compression

  • Enhanced doppler capability (±700kHz/ ±100kHz/s) to track fast moving LEO or MEO satellites

  • The intuitive M&C (management and control) system is equally user-friendly whether on a laptop PC, Mobile, or tablet

  • The AXIOM-R Rugged modem supports an extended operating temperature range of -40º to +60ºC and IP67 rating

  • Extended L-band operation to 2,150 MHz

  • Optimized spectral roll-offs, including 5%, 10%, and 20%


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